Our Vision

We aim to change the world in positive way through everything we are doing.

We help our customers to realize their visions, dreams and ideas.

We have positive, new ideas and support your business development in the best way..


Our Story

We started as a small consulting company in Zagreb, Croatia. Ever since we started 10 years ago, we are helping our customers by leading successful projects for them.

After establishing in Croatia, we made first steps forward which led us to various places outside of Croatia. In each of them we succeeded to make a good synergy of different cultural, business and other approaches.

Our worldwide cooperation is already spreading on all sides of the world. Join us in our journey!

Meet the Leading Team

Our greatest quality are our good and hard working people. Meet  the masterminds behind our various teams:


Reza Raeisi

CEO and business partner

Reza is an academic guy who actually applies his knowledge in real business. You can trust him on his advice because he knows what works and what does not. He is hard working, extremely motivated, honest and loyal. He is never afraid of improvising, even in the closest deadlines. Reza is incredibly creative, talented and conscientious, having an amazing working ethics.

Suzana Stojaković - Čelustka

Owner and founder

Suzana is quite smart person with PhD degree in Information and Computer Science, but with good sense of humor. Not a typical business owner, she will work hard with her teams to achieve common goals. She respects all ideas and promote tolerant atmosphere in every working environment, enjoying in all opportunities an international company can bring.



Let's Work Together

Tell us about your ideas and we will work together with you to make them real. We want to make world better place to live in. Join us in our mission!